Case Study: How I Increased Sales by 20% for a Prestashop e-commerce store


In this case study, we will be discussing a project that I worked on for a Prestashop e-commerce store and Increased Sales. The goal of the project was to increase sales for the online store, and through a combination of various tactics and strategies, we were able to achieve a significant boost in sales. In this post, we will be breaking down the different steps that were taken, and the results that were achieved.

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The e-commerce store in question sold a wide variety of products, including clothing, home goods, and accessories. They had been in business for several years, but had been struggling to generate consistent sales. The store owner reached out to me to help them increase their online sales and boost their revenue.

Step 1: Conducting a Website Audit

The first step in the process was to conduct a thorough audit of the store’s website. This included analyzing the design and layout, as well as the user experience. We also looked at the store’s search engine optimization (SEO) and the way that products were being displayed and categorized.

During the audit, we identified several areas that needed improvement. The website was not mobile-friendly, the product pages were not optimized for conversions, and there were several technical issues that were affecting the store’s search engine rankings.

Step 2: Improving the Website’s Design and Layout

Once the audit was complete, we began working on improving the website’s design and layout. This included making the website mobile-friendly and optimizing the product pages for conversions. We also made changes to the website’s navigation and menu structure to make it easier for customers to find what they were looking for.

Step 3: Optimizing for SEO

Next, we focused on optimizing the website for SEO. This included making technical changes to the website’s code, as well as creating high-quality content for the product pages. We also worked on building backlinks to the website to improve its search engine rankings.

Step 4: Implementing Marketing Strategies

To help drive more traffic to the website and increase sales, we also implemented a variety of marketing strategies. This included running pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, as well as utilizing social media marketing to promote the store’s products.


The results of the project were significant. After implementing these changes, the store’s website saw a significant increase in traffic, and sales increased by 20%. The store’s revenue also increased as a result of the increased sales.


In conclusion, increasing sales for an e-commerce store can be a challenging task, but with the right strategies and tactics, it is possible to achieve significant results. By conducting a thorough website audit, improving the website’s design and layout, optimizing for SEO, and implementing marketing strategies, we were able to help the store in question increase its sales by 20%.

If you’re running a Prestashop e-commerce store and are facing similar challenges, I can help you achieve the same results. I specialize in creating custom modules and fixing errors on Prestashop stores. Feel free to contact me to discuss how I can help your business increase sales and revenue.

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